Sunday, 15 May 2011

Saturdsay 14th May 2011

Having discovered yesterday that editing previous posts pops them up to the top of the blog, I've realised I'm going to have to date each post in the title. Oh well; saves me trying to be clever ;)

I hate weekends. Day time TV is even worse than during the week. There's a higher likelihood of Ian making an appearance. Everyone asks you what you're doing with your weekend as if it's going to be more exciting than the rest of the week. So, this morning I stayed in bed and read until about 3:30. I was craving sausages, so I decided to go for lunch (breakfast) at Morrisons and do the rest of the shopping I'd forgotten yesterday whilst there. I ate all four sausages too!

When I got back Ian was out of the front of the house mowing the lawn. *groan*. He wanted me to tidy the living room and the kitchen, and take the washing off the radiators, and unload the washing machine. He was in a foul mood. He didn't say it, but I think he was in a strop because of Wilf; didn't ask me anything about him, but he'd obviously been in the cage (the blanket on top was folder back). I was already exhausted after shopping, so was not best impressed at being asked to do so much. You'd think that after ten years he'd understand, but he doesn't.

I went back to bed after performing his chores. I fell asleep almost straight away. I have no idea what time it was, but he came in and woke me up .. I can't remember what he said. I asked him if he'd fixed the downstairs toilet .. 'no'. Have you locked the backdoor? 'Yes, of course I have!'. Well he didn't last week. 'Oh Ian, can you close the shed after you take the lawn mower out please?'. We have a mini shed in the garden with a lid that lifts up. He leaves it open when using the lawn mower. The problem is that its one of the places our cat sits. So she jumped up to her perch this afternoon and fell straight in, landing on the up facing pointy bits of the rake. She's ok thankfully, but she wasn't happy. His answer 'No,' and he walked away. I asked him to come back so I could explain to him why. He shouted no. *sigh* So, what did I do this time to deserve being treated like pooh?

I went back to sleep again and woke up at 8:15. I hadn't realised the Eurovision Song Contest was today. Yay that I saw some of it. AND that the country that I wanted to win, won! Hooray!

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