Monday, 23 May 2011


I have labyrinthitis again at the moment. It's really really annoying when I get this. I usually know it's coming because for a couple of days when I sit up or lie down the world will spin. Then it gets bad; when I sit up I will land flat on my back without realising I'm moving. Trying to walk is a nightmare. Thankfully I don't have it all that badly at the moment, but am restricting myself to the house just in case. The first time I had it I was like the guy in the clip I've linked below. You've probably seen this clip before. I'm not sure whether the guy in the clip is drunk, which is the general assumption, or whether he does have a problem such as labyrinthitis or something neurological is going on ... I'm just using it to illustrate how I can be. I have frequently been mistaken for being drunk when I venture out with this condition.

The clip.

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