Saturday, 14 May 2011

And today's post!

Today has been kind of weird. I woke up this morning, firstly realising that I'd been dreaming about Tim and his ex selling beaded jewellery at a table top sale, and secondly with the Go Compare tune going round my head. I felt ok, like I had a lot more spoons than usual, so I figured I'd go out while I was able to. I read for about an hour, then realising it was 1:30 and I didn't want to get stuck in school traffic I headed towards Tesco. The route to Tesco takes me past Newlife. Temptation. Soooo, I went in, and found the most beautiful dress ever, but it took half an hour of queueing to get to the changing room. I was using my shooting stick to sit on in the queue, but by the time I got to the cubicle I was absolutely wiped out already.

So, by the time I got to Tesco my brain was so addled that I only bought half the things I intended to and didn't actually realise that til I got home. So I now have bread, and nothing to add to it to create sandwiches. Oops! I like Hovis Wholemeal; it's yummy. 

I got back just in time to see Deal Or No Deal. I watched with baited breath, as I'm sure people did all over the country, as on Friday the 13th, the third person (a female again) won the £250,000. I cried. Even Noel cried. And then we napped.

I've not done much this evening. I've texted G throughout the day, and spent a while talking to him online this morning. And now I have Wilf sitting in my collar complaining about being out of his cage. He's liking the new fluffy floor in his cage. And he likes eating my food lol.

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