Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Apparently it's Tuesday.

Well since I managed to feed the cat fairly late last night she actually didn't wake me up this morning. So I happily slept through til about 11 this morning before a furry hurricane appeared on my chest demanding succour. I can't really remember this morning. Well, erm ... morning by my standards that is; first part of my day! I remember there being something interesting on TV, but can't remember what it was.

It's a nice change to have something interesting on. I watched Jeremy Kyle and Deal Or No Deal as usual though. Jeremy Kyle brought tears to my eyes today. He had a special episode with people with misunderstood illnesses. Unlike ME though, these peoples illnesses were visible, so they have to deal with cruel comments from all sorts of ignorant people rather than just those they choose to tell. There was a five year old girl named Ashanti, with a condition that means her internal organs age at eight times the normal rate. She was mostly bald and had a particular look about her. Her parents had taught her to believe that she was a beautiful princess which is why people stare at her. There are only 45 people in the world with the illness. One of them is another little girl in the UK. Ashanti had seen this little girl on the TV and said 'Daddy it's me on the TV!'. When she was told that it wasn't, she insisted that they must be twins. Jeremy had the other girl on the show today so that the two of them could meet. It was very sweet.

I fell asleep after Deal Or No Deal. I was woken up at 7:30pm by a text message from Brian, my next door neighbour checking up on me. With half an hour to spare before anything interesting would be on TV I figured I'd tackle the kitchen. I've been too tired to clean or tidy the kitchen for over a week now. It's horrible. It's the front of the house, so anyone delivering newspapers or letters sees the mess. So embarrassing. Having the conversation with Brian by text helped. It meant I could do a bit of washing up, then sit on the floor and reply to his text. Do a bit more washing. Reply to another text. I did it all. And I wiped down the surfaces. I wish I had the energy to clean the floor, but that's completely beyond me at the moment.

I was treated by an episode of Cougar Town afterwards. TV has been pretty pants since then though. Wilf came out of his cage for an hour. It took him ten minutes hiding in my armpit to come round. It's hard for a rat to remain incurious for long. He's explored the top of the settee, a bit of my leg, every inch of inside my cardigan, and he sat perched on my shoulder for a while .. covered me in pee and generously delivered several poohs. I'll have a bath in the morning.

I suddenly realised at about 11pm that I hadn't actually eaten anything this evening. I couldn't decide whether I was actually hungry or not, until at nearly midnight I decided I was craving sausage (not a euphemism). I don't have any meat left in the house (apart from tinned fish) .. seriously need to order some shopping, so the only solution would have been to go to the chippy. I didn't trust myself to drive though. I'll survive.

Mind you, now I'm craving sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style.

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