Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday 27th May 2011

Ok, it's Friday and I've not updated since Monday. I'm having problems. Not just with M.E., but with my computer too. I'll post about my computer separately though. My memory is just so soooo poor at the moment, that when it gets to the end of the day I honestly can't remember what has happened throughout the day. The intention of this blog was to give a blow by blow description of each day, for my reference, and for printing for the DWP in the future (for my appeal), but I really honestly can't think at the end of the day. 

I've actually had quite a busy week for me, which has left me drained and exhausted every single day. Don't ask me what I did Monday; it seems ages ago now. Tuesday though I had the blood test for gluten intolerance, followed by an appointment with Dr Clark. The blood test went ok. But then I had to wait 50 minutes to see the doctor (it was supposed to be straight after my blood test). With the music in the waiting room making me giddy, by the time I left the surgery I felt so ill that I came straight home; I had intended to go food shopping. Well, Doctor Clark has confirmed for me that I do not have any kind of lurgy in my groin, but may in fact be mosaic-ed (I thought only men could have mosaic-ism). She wrote my sick note for me too. It's the first time she's done it, so she was looking at the computer for reference. For some reason, last time I saw Doctor Niklaus he wrote on the screen that I'd be able to return to work soon. What the frell??? How? Holy clap. If only! I'd give anything to be able to work :(

Ummmm. Wednesday. What did I do Wednesday? Oh yes! Wednesday I had an appointment with Citizens Advice Bureau. I was hoping to seek their advice on finding a representative for my ESA appeal. I was told that they do not represent, and that M.E. is a non-existent illness anyway. So I came away exhausted, upset, frustrated, and went straight to bed. Wednesday evening I spent trying to update my step mothers art groups website.

Yesterday I did way more than I should have. I actually went into Lichfield. I've been struggling with my glasses. I bought two pairs last year, both from online vendors, but not the same one. On one of the the plastic nose piece thing came off months ago, so I've been wearing the other pair. This pair though has become so scratched that I constantly feel like I have something in my eye. So I decided to take the other pair to Specsavers yesterday to see if they could offer me any advice. Advice? No. Fix em? Yes! For free! Hoorah :) I also had four of my watches fixed at Timsons, and banked a cheque with HSBC. And then fell over in Gregs. Came home. Went back to bed.

I've been having severe problems sleeping recently. The pattern my body has been forcing me to live with was being awake til about 3am and then waking up at 11am (unless the cat woke me up earlier). I have tried everything I could to force myself to get to sleep earlier. I've gone to bed at 11:30pm and just laid there for hours. Goodness knows why. Last night I went to bed just after midnight, and I slept all the way through to 9am. Yay me!!!!

This morning I spent half an hour sorting out boxes in the garage. Someone from Freecycle was coming to pick up a load of stuff that neither Ian or I would have any use for. So, I sorted that and took a rest. After the lady came to pick it up I took our patio roses next door, so that Hazel can enjoy them for the summer :) The rest of today will be spent resting ... after another blog post anyway.

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