Thursday, 12 May 2011

Let it be Wednesday

Today has been a struggle. There have been all sorts of observations about CFS that I've considered throughout the day; things that would be useful to put in the blog, but of course, I can no longer remember them at the end of the day. It would be silly to log in and note every thought throughout the day. Particularly when I'm thinking some of them in the bath.

I did have the bath! I realised in the bath, that last time I had a bath I had forgotten to shave certain bits. Yesterday I forgot to take my meds, to brush my teeth and do my situps (I do ten situps a day to help my stomach muscles support my back). At the end of todays bath I couldn't actually remember which bits of me I had washed. I hope I washed everything. At least my hair is clean; clean hair gives the impression that the rest of you is clean ;)

Oh! The mitten was so cute this morning. I forgot to open the window for her to go out before I had my bath, so she was tarting herself at me. She sat by the bath staring at me while I talked to her. I warned her that I was all wet and drippy and I had to use the shower to wash my fur which meant she might get wet. Then I pursed my lips to blow her a kiss, but she stood up on her back paws and rubbed her chin against my pursed lips. Bless her.

The first part of my day (I got up at 12:01 .. oops), was spent feeling like I had boxing gloves on my hands. I just felt like I was randomly hitting the keyboard hoping to get the right keys, and really really slowly. It was sooo hard. So I gave in and tried to rest. Too heavy to go upstairs and lie in bed I lay down on the settee. I didn't manage to sleep, but think I rested for a couple of hours. I'm not sure if it helped or not. My hands were better, but now my legs were in pain. My left gluteous maximumus was cramping badly. It has subsided now, but my bicep femoris (I think) is now cramping instead. My right leg is just generally aching.

Oh yeah. I put some washing on. But I'm going to rinse it tomorrow and hang it around the house, coz my legs are hurting too much to stand up and walk around.

I've not been particularly hungry today. I was planning to do a wee shop, but because I'm in pain and fatigued I decided just to grab a portion of rice from the take away instead. I couldn't eat all of it, so Wilf has had a treat. He hasn't wanted to cuddle today. He needs rattie friends to bring him out of his shell. I've changed the plans for the weekend, coz the thought of getting to Mels and back is scary; so I'm going to pay her train ticket to get here instead .. avec ratties .. yay!!!

Here endeth my exciting day.

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