Friday, 22 July 2011


This is a facebook group that I do not intend to join as I know I will get wound up by it:

It does scare me though. The taskforce is starting less than half an hour from me. I'm not quite sure how it works. I read somewhere that it'll be targeting high risk areas first; I don't know if I'm in one.

I have no idea what they could find that would be evidence that we are capable of work. At the moment I have my printer next to the settee, with paper and envelopes in a bag, next to a folder of stuff. They may consider that to be evidence that I am doing work like activity. The fact is that the printer is down here because it hurts too much to go upstairs to use it. The reason I have been printing stuff is for evidence for the appeal process. Writing to my MP. Writing to ex bosses. Writing to my doctor. The envelopes and paper are obviously for the letters. The folder is my filing system; which contains all my correspondence with the DWP. Well .. most of it. Some of it is under my bed for some reason.

Chances are that if they came to the door I would be upstairs asleep anyway, so wouldn't hear them. They may take that as evidence that I am not home, and therefore able to work, which I do find very worrying. Do they have the right to break the door in? Do they have warrants? If they don't have warrants I can just tell them to go away anyway, I believe.

If anyone turns up here, I'll be going straight next door to Brian. No way would I face that alone.

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