Thursday, 28 July 2011

Mostly yesterday 28-07-11

I got up early today (10:30am is early for me). I tried to stay in bed resting, but I couldn't even persuade myself to read. My mind is actually lucid for a change too. I wish I could think of a use to which to put it. The only thing that comes to mind really is that I did not blog yesterday. I should have, as although it was a particularly tedious day, it was the original purpose of this blog to record such tedium.

So, yesterday ...

I was awoken at just gone 10am by the cat. She was telling me in no uncertain terms that it was breakfast time. So I rolled over, pulled the duvet over my head and went back to sleep for another hour. I did come downstairs to feed her eventually. I discovered in doing so that every single bit of me ached. I guess I should not have been surprised by this really, but I was.

I think, when I went for a walk in the fields opposite G's house the previous day, I somehow hurt my back. I made no particular sudden movements that I'm aware of, fell down no rabbit holes. I did have a nap in the middle of a field. But nothing of note; yet I very obviously now have sciatica.

Not only was I struggling with sciatica yesterday, but I also had the pain I refer to as 'FM style pain' throughout my legs and arms, for the first time since Tim (my osteopath and acupuncturist) poked me with lots of needles. Soooo, sciatica and muscle pain; two reasons to see Tim again I guess. It's a shame I cannot afford to do so at the moment, and probably won't be able to until the house sells.

Anyway, to top off the deal, yesterday my period decided to start. This will of course explain my observation about emotion from the previous day. It's been a while since I had period pain as extreme as it was yesterday. The only means I've actually had of coping with period pain for years is to knock myself out with pain killers (they send me to sleep rather than actually dull the pain), and sleep through the nightmare. Last month my doctor gave me some actual prescription pain killers. I tried these yesterday. They did not send me to sleep (yay), but they also did not even touch the pain (not so yay). I'll have to go back to my doctor and grovel.

I am uncertain of why, but frequently I notice that when I have my period I seem to become more lucid. I took advantage of this yesterday by starting to build my family tree through G's account. I've had it written down for years; it's a huge thrill to see it coming together on the computer.

And so, I guess that is what I will be doing today. I seem to be particularly sound sensitive today, so the TV will definitely remain off.

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