Friday, 11 November 2011


Most of the time when I post to my blog I seem to be complaining, either about how bad my health is, or about the benefits system in the UK. I'd like to make a change. I would like to thank Bev and Mark for being wonderful.

Recently I've been feeling extremely down. I've been dealing with a house move I did not want to make, an ex husband messing me around, and health that I just can't get a handle on. I've had some very dangerous thought patterns.

Today .. well, it is 9pm, and I've not been out of bed properly today. My legs hurt. Until about an hour ago I was finding it hard to focus on anything efficiently. And I'm suffering from the M.E. equivalent of labyrinthitis again. But I've spent most of the (waking) day giggling and laughing.

Bev and Mark, and Roger when he passes the room, are a tonic. Mark in particular helps me see the funny side in everything M.E. related. Not just M.E. related, but it's notable for me as I fail to find any of it amusing when I'm alone at home.

Today I've been fed yummy food, given a birthday cake even though my birthday was a month ago, and made to feel relaxed and happy in general.

Thank you Bev & Mark.

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