Monday, 7 November 2011

Recording Atos Assessments

Don't have the spoons to comment much. This was posted yesterday, in one of the groups I belong to. Useful information for anyone who is approaching an Atos assessment.

"Well guys, I went through my ATOS WCA today. Was in there AN HOUR. Something you should know though - THEY recorded it for me. They've been piloting a recording system in certain areas of the UK.

They screwed me around quite a bit, mainly being unable to tell me their exact recording requirements, messing up appointment days and then having the DWP come down on me to justify it all! Involvement from MP had them get back to me and offer me a date & time at my convenience with an English speaking, British qualified GP they got in from another area especially.

If I can do that, I'm damn sure you can too. ASK if there is a recording pilot in your area or a nearby area and PUSH for it. Involve your MP if you get nowhere - they WILL and DO stonewall you when you try to enquire - either that or the staff at both ATOS & the DWP have no idea what their own rules are. Point is, try & you might just get somewhere. I know it takes a lot of stress & energy but that recording could be your proof at appeal.

They also took the recording equipment from another city especially! When I arrived the reception knew "Oh, you're the one that wants it recorded". Seemed like a bit of a fuss.

Anyway, I just have to stop fretting whilst I await that dreaded brown envelope.

NB: I did note that there were signs dotted about mentioning the "duty of care" they had to staff & clients but remember that the audio from an ATOS recruitment day says that the job is NOT a caring role. So which is it? Just food for thought....."

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