Monday, 7 November 2011

Help Brian :(

I simply cannot believe this; it's as if it was the 18th century all over again or something. What is the last thing someone with M.E. needs? To be locked in a psychiatric ward and told that their illness is all in their head. Especially given the recently apology from Norway's government to their M.E. patients. This is apparently what has happened. The link to the forum is in the title above. The story .. below ...

Hi Guys,


UK ME / POTS patient Brian Nicholson has been sectioned under the mental health act due doctors claiming that his ME / POTS symptoms are a delusion.

I have written to his MP, his solicitor and a consultant in London who diagnosed him with dysautonomia / severe POTS. His MP is a member of the APPG on ME in parliament so hopefully he'll be helpful. The Countess of Mar in the Lords is also aware of his circumstances.

His solicitor has been asked to take the Canadian and International ME  guidelines to the consultant in charge of his care and to ensure that he is up to speed with ME himself.

Devon doctors, UK, have sectioned Brian Nicholson on the grounds that his symptoms of severe ME/POTS are a delusion. Please could folk kindly send him cards and messages of encouragement. If you could visit, that would be great. The address is below.

Thanks, folks,


Please can you guys help out by sending Brian cards, notes and letters to cheer him up like we did with Zoe a few years ago? He's down, scared and lonely and could do with knowing there are folks out here that care. It would help him a lot.

Brian is in:
Haytor Ward
Torbay Hospital
Lawes Bridge
01803 654917

If anyone is close by and would like to visit him please let me know and I can
put you in touch.

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