Friday, 24 June 2011

Proud but Pissed!

I'm kind of proud of what I've done today, but at the same time I'm all pissed off. I really need to google strategies for coping with anger, but keep forgetting.

I woke up this morning to cramping in my tummy. I wondered what had happened to my period. It started a few days ago, but vanished again after about three hours. The cramps were HURTING me already, so I took a bunch of pain killers and buried my head under a pillow.

I was woken up at about 12:45 by a phone call from my lovely doctor. He had received my urine test results, and indeed I have e coli causing me cystitis, which would explain why I'm in PAIN. He had surmised that it was probably e coli when I saw him on Tuesday, but now that we have proof he can prescribe me the most suited anti biotic. The reason I still have cystitis after the first course of anti biotics a couple of weeks ago is because e coli is becoming resistant to the standard anti biotic being prescribed for it. The anti biotic I actually need (and have a prescription for) is Nitrofurantoin. Never heard of it before. He has also written me a prescription for Mefanamic Acid, since I was complaining of the agony I am in with period pain.

I was happy. In pain, but happy. I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, did my best to not look like I have manky greasy hair, and drove myself over to the doctors to get the prescription. Picked it up, went to the pharmacist, where I hit the problem. 'It's the pharmacists lunch hour, you can come back in an hour and collect it!'. Actually, I can't. I was struggling to stand up, as she could see, in a lot of pain, already groggy and shouldn't be driving; I'd be worse later on. I asked about prescription delivery; oh sure, yes they do that ... they could deliver it next Wednesday. So I asked if she knew which pharmacy would be open now ... she offered me the one in the centre of town as an idea; one I'd have to walk to .. when I was evidently in no state to be walking. I left the chemist feeling frustrated, sat in the car and cried, and came home. I am basically going to have to settle for being in pain til tomorrow :( By then of course I'll not need the Mefanamic Acid. Doh. Oh well, at least I'll have it for next erm ... menstruation.

Well, the good that came from this is that whilst at the chemist I picked up the number to phone in order to change the name on my medical exemption certificate. So I came home and phoned them to ask how to go about changing my name. So I have written the letter, and included the right documents etc. And since I was in the mood for doing so, I prepared the letter to change my name with the DWP, and to send my driving license back to have them amend their error too. I phoned my solicitor to find out why he wanted to speak to me, but no one was available. I made an appointment with my dentist for next week. Made an appointment with Doctor Niklaus so that I'll have a sick note in time. And phoned HSBC.

My intention in phoning HSBC was to find out how to go about changing my name with them. First of all, there is no specific department that deals with this. Second of all I was put through to India, where the lady I spoke to at first didn't seem to understand the concept of changing my name. She put me on hold to go and ask someone for help, and I got cut off while she was gone. Sooo, I spent ages going through their frustrating phone system to speak to someone again, and whilst SHE was gone seeking help, the first person I'd been speaking to tried to phone back. She tried my mobile first, and then the land line, so since I was on hold on my mobile I answered ... and explained to her that I was on the phone with someone already. I was basically trying to find an address to send all the documents to in order to change my name, because with my health being the way it is at the moment I'm unconvinced of my ability to get to any of the HSBC branches that are around here ... basically, they're all a hike from their nearest car park! Eventually I was put through to a Customer Solutions Department in the UK. The lady I spoke to was lovely; she completely understood the limitations of M.E., and really did try to help. She contacted my nearest HSBC to request a home visit so that I'd be able to do it here, and phoned me later to see if a solution had been reached. The local branch contacted me to say that they can't do that though. What I didn't realise is that they actually have to witness you signing the new signature. So as it stands I will be unable to change my name at the bank until I can physically go in and do it. They should offer a Skype service! The lady did put my mind at ease by telling me that when benefits payments go through they only use your account number, rather than your name, so it shouldn't make a difference.

And now I'm completely wiped out. No chance I could have gone and collected the prescription if I had left it with them.

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