Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monday 14th June 2011

I wasn't going to write a post today, coz I've done absolutely nothing. Then I realised that that's kind of the point of the blog. Duh!

I woke up just after 7am this morning, having had a nightmare. It was nasty and I couldn't get back to sleep, so I turned my computer on and wrote a blog post about it. I had a cry, and I texted G to tell him I required a hug. He was already up, getting ready for work, and proffered the requested hug via text. I read a couple of pages of The Truth, before going back to sleep. 

I woke up at about 11:45. Listened for signs of life from Bev upstairs, but none emerged until gone 3pm. I spent a little time fiddling around online, read a few more pages of my book, and cuddled the kitten, who is extremely cute, and naughty, and filled with widdle.

I had decided that I should drive home this evening, because I am worried that I'm making Bev crash. She said not though, so we had a lazy day. Neither of us have even got dressed today. Tomorrow I'll go home. I'll need to rest properly, both tonight and tomorrow afternoon. We talked too much this afternoon, so no rest was had. And now I'm exhausted. My legs are working today, but I ache through every limb ... even the little ones like fingers, which probably aren't limbs.

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