Monday, 25 June 2012

Stop pushing me!

When will you stop hurting me?
You've already taken everything I have,
and yet you are not satisfied.
You took my friends
You took my family
You took my social life
You took my job
You left me with memories,
that are now so distant they're more like dreams.
You depress me
You hurt me
You cause me so much pain that I cannot stand the touch of a loved one
You push every limit I thought I had,
make me question everything I thought I knew about myself.
And still you push more.
You affect my heart
You starve me of oxygen
You make every nerve feel like it's on fire
or stop me feeling anything at all
How can anyone live like this?
You take away light
and sound
and touch
You give nothing
Leave me with nothing
And still you push further.

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