Monday, 11 June 2012

Journey; Part 1

Two weeks ago I invited you to start a journey with me, in my attempt to recover some money from the DWP.

Today I made my first move. I telephoned the DWP to ask them whether my claim had been Income Based ESA or Contributions Based ESA. I was told that because the claim is now closed they cannot tell me. It will not tell them that on the system. As such I have to write to the DWP and request the information. The lady I spoke to could however tell me the dates of my claim and that when I originally made the claim I applied for Income Based ESA.

As such I have written a letter, included a stamped self addressed envelope, and will post it the next time I leave the house.

The way their systems work seems very strange to me. This is not the first time I've discovered something strange like this. I found a few months ago that you cannot change your address with the DWP when a claim has closed. So they sent a letter to an old address of mine asking me to go for a medical assessment, and then another telling me I had automatically failed since I hadn't turned up. Surely, if the claim was closed I should not need to attend a medical assessment; if it was not closed they should have been able to change my address and send those communications to my current habitation. This however, is not relevant to my current endeavour ...

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