Friday, 19 April 2013


I am well aware that I have not made any updates for a while. There's a good reason for this. Well, two good reasons.

One is personal. I think I should be honest with myself and say I'm relapsing. I keep saying it's a crash, but it's been ages now. I had a shower yesterday. That was yesterday's activity. This morning (morning by my terms is usually about 1pm) I spent ages looking for my trousers. I eventually found them; on my legs. I'm not sure whether that means I slept in them, or whether I'd already put them on and had forgotten about it. 

One of the things I hate most about M.E., is that when they hand you out the long-term-sick card, they also replace your brain with what I can only presume is liquid nitrogen. I may well be stranded in bed, but I would at least appreciate the ability to control what the hell comes out of my mouth! It's so effing well frustrating; while I lie in bed everything makes sense, yet when I try to rise, to share the ramblings that have been so perfectly articulated in my head, I cannot remember a single thing. 

Anyway, the second reason for being distant recently is that I have pretty much lost hope. In the past I have shared articles as they have cropped up, to illustrate what is happening in this country, share my opinion, my view, etc. But now ... 

Every day there is more and more being written. Every day there is more coming to light. Not just in regards to benefits, but the government. I never wanted to blog about the government, but it's all tied in to one. They're changing .... everything! They are deliberately making the poor, poorer, and the rich, richer. They're taking everything that this country has worked so hard to develop. Privatising the NHS. Selling out to commercial industry. Changing laws to suit their agenda. Creating a secret court, the like of which I'd only heard of in reference to nightmarish stories from the Soviet Union. Honestly, I believe it'll only be a matter of time before the government decides we're no long a democracy.

My fight is gone. What they're doing is so totally beyond the power of people like me, that it seems more like an act of futility, possibly even masochism, to try and fight back. I wash my hands of it.

I'm totally and utterly powerless. I have no income. I have no means of getting any income. I do not believe it is coincidence that people who like myself, have tried to level the playing field, just that little bit, find that their records have been messed up, their MPs don't care, etc.

So ok, government ... I surrender!

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