Wednesday, 13 March 2013

M.E. Herbalist

I bring to you today, the story of another small trader, who has M.E.. If you're interested in herbalism, or seeking herbal product from someone who understands the condition, Merionwen is the business you want to look at. Here is her story:

Around six years ago I was married, had two smashing children and a job I loved. I had spent years working in the heritage and tourism sector. I provided costumed interpretation for a variety of heritage sites. Bringing entertainment to education and a sense of fun to stuffy museums. Prancing around castles being everything from the cook to the lady of the manor.

I was lucky enough even to be able to involve my children. It was long hours and involved a lot of background research but I loved it.

Then disaster struck. I had been diagnosed with gynaecological problems and severe anaemia. I just couldn't seem to find any energy.
I continued to try to work but my lack of energy started to show the cracks in my marriage.

I devoted all my time to my children foremost and then my career. I expected support and understanding from my husband but that wasn't to be.

Eventually the marriage became untenable and we went our separate ways. I suddenly found myself cast in the role of a single mother. Financial support was non existent and work pressure increased.

This stress was then compounded by my father falling ill and what seemed at the time as a minor car accident.

I suffered serious whiplash and I was left with back pain that never seemed to recover.

Next came the constant round of tests and doctor's appointments. I kept returning asking for blood tests and a reason why I just couldn't seem to get back on my feet. I was constantly bone weary but this was coupled with the searing pain that never seems to settle in any one place. I had constant muscle burn and my fingers and toes would feel so swollen I couldn't walk or pick up a cup of tea.

this all came to a head one day when I found I couldn't wash my own hair and cried out with pain when my daughter hugged me.

So back to the gp and a long and frank discussion. It was suggested I had fibromyalgia coupled with cfs.

Further tests proved this so.

I went on to be prescribed a battery of SSRI's and painkillers.

Over the following two years I put on five stone in weight and had to give up work. I just couldn't cope with being a single Mum and live with this illness all the while keeping up with my career.

It broke my heart the last time I said goodbye to my workmates.

I felt at my lowest ebb.

But, things were about to change. Almost like a bolt from the blue I was to meet my current husband to be, Andrew. We were sat at the table of a mutual friend while I expressed my loathing of the male species. Then he smiled and made me tea.

There is more to the story than that but lets just say over time I fell deeply in love.

He opened up whole new way of thinking for me. When discussing the medication it was him that first made me question whether the side effects were not as bad if not worse than the illness itself!

I am pleased to say I am free of all synthetic medication. I take a variety of supplements and have made vast changes to my diet.

Don't get me wrong. I am by no means cured. But I do cope! Rather well at that!

It was also himself who asked why I was not trading as a herbalist. One of the key parts I have played in the past is that of an herbalist. I know the subject back to front.

I told him how EU law suggested I needed a formal qualification. So he asked "why not get one then". Frankly I had no answer to this.

I went on to study Phytotherapy at degree level, a higher diploma in massage therapy, Advanced aromatherapy and most recently cosmetology (the study of natural skincare).

I am now proud to say my chosen career is that of an holistic therapist. I am able to work at my own pace and have a good client base.

However, that was never going to be enough. Over many years I have formulated and produced my own skincare products. These have been given as gifts of used by myself.

It is now time to turn the hobby into a business.

I am launching my own range of organic, natural skincare. IT is called Merionwen and is a business I feel very passionate about. four years ago I never believed it was possible to achieve these things and live with illness.

I have proved that that is not the case. I shall make success of this and I hope everyone else who has lived with any sort of set back can take heart and see what can come to pass.

I am attempting to get Merionwen on it's feet with a crowdfunder pitch. There are a variety of splendid rewards for anyone who invests.

What could be better than organic, natural, spa quality skincare?
Well all deserve a little pampering...
You can find Merionwen here:


  1. What can I say? thank you so much xxxx

  2. Inspiring. .having suffered from M.E. for several years it is encouraging to hear how others overcome the frankly enormous challenges it brings...I also have started two small businesses while ill, and have also tried not to use the meds offered me by my g.p..I manage by pacing myself and have wonderful support from my husband too! Good luck Merionwen!

    1. If you happen to check back for a reply Anonymous, I'd be happy to write such a post regarding your businesses too. If you leave me an email address here, I'll contact you, and then remove your comment so that your email address is not public.