Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Frustrations; my friend has M.E.

I invited people to write for me, what their frustrations are regarding M.E.. My first response is from a lady whose best friend has M.E.

"My Frustrations on having a friend with M.E - By Annie

I get annoyed that I think they can do everything I want them to when I want them to do it, only for them to say they can't.

I get upset that by them trying to do what I want them to do, they then get exhausted and need to recover before I can get them to do anything else.

I feel guilty that they feel they have to prepare themselves mentally and physically just to be able to cope with me being with them.

I feel like they don't want me around when I have any bugs because they know they can't cope with any extra illness.

I see a friend who is talented and clever but unable to have the strength to show the world what they could do because a 'good day' is just not good enough to cope.

I feel upset that a good person is suffering and there is no way of having an energy donation like a blood doner could donate blood

I wish that other people, who like me originally had considered the side effects of M.E or CFS as just being a state of mind from people with no routine in their life, could see that it is medical and no one can just snap out of it just by setting an alarm clock for the same time each day."

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