Friday, 17 August 2012

500,000 to lose DLA

Those of us who have been watching the tide turn are well aware of what switching from DLA to PIP will do. Benefit reform has been brought about partly because the government has painted a picture of those on benefits as being scroungers, malingerers, people who generally don't want to make an honest living ... the lowest of the low.

Public perception is that the benefits system is being reformed because of benefit fraud. Yet, the actual statistic for Disability Living Allowance fraud most recently released was 0.5%. Old Joe Blogs is going to look at the governments statement that 500,000 will lose DLA, and believe that 500,000 people have been claiming fraudulently. As such, I'd like to do a little maths with you.

DLA fraud = 0.5%
In Joe Blogs mind, 0.5% = 500,000
In order for that to be the case, the total number of people claiming DLA would be 100,000,000.

So, dear Mr Blogs, before you jump to any conclusions, please think about the reality of more people than make up the population of the UK being able to claim DLA. The government is not just targeting benefit fraud, it is targeting people who are genuinely sick and disabled, and taking away the little amount of money they rely on.

DLA is supposed to enable people to live a life contributing to society, whether that be by working, or simply by being able to shop in their local stores instead of online. By removing so many people from DLA (or PIP) the system will crumble. People who have relied on Mobility cars will no longer be able to get to work. People who were able to go into their local high street throughout the day will no longer be able to do so ... more shops will close!

It's a small minded way of recovering a tiny amount of money, that could be so easily regained if the big mouths, further up the ladder, actually paid their taxes.

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