Friday, 3 February 2012

I'm so tired!

If you're a follower I apologise for this being a mundane post about living with M.E.. Nothing exciting to see here today. I just figure I should continue to update in this manner at least occasionally.

I am currently staying with a friend. She also has M.E.. This could be viewed as convenient in some ways. Her best friend does not have M.E., so whenever she stays here, my friend ends up crashing in a very bad way afterwards. I, at least, do not do that to her. Or her to me.

This morning neither of us awoke until very late. Possibly not even morning any longer. The plan today was to go shopping for a washing machine with her father, because theirs packed in yesterday (with the bed covers inside it). So, after a rather slow waking up process, we headed over to Comet. My friend and her father approached a sales person, told them what they required, picked out a machine, and went about paying for it. Two and a half hours later we were sat on the floor, exhausted. The sales chap was a complete moron. He kept making errors when trying to put the payment through, and in order to undo his errors he had to phone head office every time. I can't physically stand up for very long, standing in a stationary position is positively uncomfortable for me, so I sat on the floor fairly soon. I found after about half an hour that I was struggling to support myself even sitting though, and had to lean against one of the washing machines.

By the time we left the store, my legs were like jelly, very hard to walk on, and I felt so nauseous that you could call it sick. I think maybe the lights affected me. I was very glad that my friend's Dad was driving, as there was no way I could have driven us home safely. Within half an hour of being back at the house, we were both fast asleep in bed. A three hour nap. I was so exhausted that I kept waking up throughout resting, shivering ... in a house with the heating turned up pretty high. My body was not impressed at all.

So, now, we find ourselves at 1am, having just eaten toast for dinner because having a meal so late seems silly, blearily watching television. I hate when M.E. does this to my body clock. I hate when sales personnel can't do their jobs!

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