Friday, 2 September 2011

People annoy me!

People annoy me. Seriously. Why do people spend so much of their time complaining about how things are, yet do nothing to actually put the situation right? I'm getting to the point where I just want to shout at some people now.

I belong to various groups where people discuss M.E. and similar conditions a lot. Everyone agrees that it is unfair that we have essentially been forced to give up our lives, that we do not get recognition or help from the medical profession, and that there is so little research into our conditions.

So, the Vivint competition in which a huge amount of money was given to a research institute recently finished. All people had to do was vote for a certain institute every day ... the organisation with the most votes won the money. I voted every day. I asked my friends to vote. No one did. Now see, when my friends ask me to do something like that, I do it. If it is important to them, then I do it for them. None of my friends did it. What disgusts me the most about this is that a lot of my friends have M.E. themselves, and those friends also frequently complain about how unwell they are. Yet it seems they are not willing to click a few buttons every day when they are online, in order to promote research that will help them.

It's similar in regards to the situation with the Department of Work and Pensions, and even with our own doctors. People sit behind their computers and complain about the treatment they get, and yet they just won't do anything about it. When I started writing to my MP in regards to welfare reform, I was told by some of the complainers that there's no point. In light of the letter from Chris Grayling today I can vaguely understand where they are coming from, but it just makes me want to push more. It's important! The more I encounter ignorance the more I'm going to fight it. The way things are at the moment is ruining peoples lives ... it's ruining OUR lives, so why are we not all fighting it?

It's not doctors faults that they were taught that M.E. is a psychological condition. But it is certainly our fault if we don't give them paper and articles and criteria that show them otherwise. I know there are some doctors who just won't listen, but if we don't try we don't stand a chance. Yet time and time again I hear 'it's not worth it!'. Of course it's worth it! It may not benefit you now, but you are at the very least sewing a seed that may benefit someone later on.

It's not just with regards to illness though, now that I've noticed this annoying trend, I'm seeing it everywhere. I had a problem with ATS a few weeks ago. I'm rather annoyed at the outcome of writing to them too, but again it just makes me more determined to make things right. And I will. But the fact that certain people are actively trying to persuade me not to annoys me even further.

For goodness sake people stop lying down and being doormats .. stand up for yourselves!

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