Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Recording not allowed


For months we've been recommending that people record their ATOS Medical Assessments, because of how badly the assessors are misrepresenting what happens. It seems that they are refusing to allow assessments to be recorded, unless we go to rather extreme lengths to do so. I know that some people have successfully recorded their assessments. Whether they did so clandestinely or informed their assessors I do not know. I suspect that the guidelines for recording assessments have come out as a reaction to people like myself advising others to record them. I also suspect that the reason they are being unreasonable is because they already know that their assessors are misrepresenting what happens. Very frustrating.

The below is taken from a post on Where's the Benefit:
"In a response to a Freedom of Information request made at the end of 2010 the Department of Work and Pensions provided the official guidelines to ATOS staff regarding recording of assessments. The most important parts are quoted here.
"Such a request can only be agreed with the prior consent of the HCP, and then only if stringent safeguards are in place to ensure that the recording is complete, accurate and that the facility is available for simultaneous copies to be made available to all parties present. The recording must be made by a professional operator, on equipment of a high standard, properly calibrated by a qualified engineer immediately prior to the recording being made. The equipment must have facility for reproduction so that all parties can retain a copy of the tape. The responsibility for meeting the cost of the above requirement rests with the claimant"

"It is for Atos Healthcare, in conjunction with their legal advisers, to determine the action to be taken in the event of a claimant making an audio or video recording without the prior knowledge and consent of the HCP, or without ensuring that the safeguards defined above are in place"

"If you suspect a customer of trying to film or record an assessment the following action should be taken

Advise the customer that such action is not permitted, explain why not, and ask them to switch the device off. If the customer refuses to comply:
  • The assessment should be suspended
  • Inform your site manager and/or medical manager immediately" "

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