Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Raise money for cancer!

A friend of mine is doing The Rose Walk. It's a sponsored walk to raise money for the Cancer unit in her locality; la Fondation du CSSS de Gatineau (the Foundation of the CSSS of Gatineau). She lives in Gatineau, in Canada. The walk is 30km. All those participating in the walk are to raise $1000 (Canadian), as such I am looking to you to sponsor her with me.

The money raised will go towards the Cancer Unit's Pathology Lab, and to purchase post operative gowns for the Breast Cancer Unit.

Since I cannot do sponsored events myself, all I can do is implore you lovely people to sponsor my friends as and when they participate in sponsored events.

The process for entering your card details is also in French. You can either use Google Translate to help you through, or contact me and I'll go through the process with you by IM.

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