Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Harvey's Hammocks

We recently discussed an online store that has been set up by an M.E. sufferer because the benefits system has failed her. Today we have an M.E. (and Fibro) sufferer who has also set up an online store. In this case she has set up the store because she wants to feel that she is still making a contribution to society. As with many of us, she feels that being ill has taken away pretty much everything that her life was previously. She's building something, moving forward, out of a horrible situation. 

Harvey's Hammocks is a small animal hammock shop run by a Fibro and ME sufferer.

Harvey's Hammocks provide a wide range of hammocks in lovely soft wools, each is washable, can be easily repaired if chewed, and has a lot of stretch. From the basic square hammock, to multi-pocketed creations, they even offer a customised hammock for any who are interested.

Offering an easy solution for genuine rescues as well, we provide a massive 15 hammocks for just £30!

I spend alot of my time bed ridden due to ill health and found most of my former hobbies were now impossible. While the Fibro and ME has taken alot from me I have been lucky in that my hands are mostly unaffected unless it is a severe flare up. By using support bandages and strapings to help with the pain and the shakes I have found I can crochet.

While I can crochet, the big projects like blankets and that, are beyond me as I have no strength. So I found myself looking for something to do. I have a group of pet rats, and we all know rats love hammocks, but being ill affording the ones on the market was becoming expensive as they were hard to repair when broken and my rats love to "customise" their hammocks.

I tried different sizes, shapes and styles and found what worked and what didn't and soon was enjoying making hammocks of all types that I had too many. This surplus went out as "testers" to friends and got a positive feedback. So wanting to feel like I make a contribution to life and not feel so useless and isolated as ME and Fibro can do to you, I decided to open up an online store as a trial.

There are of course a few things that may need explaining. Rats make lovely pets, so if you were horrified at the thought of pet rats I really do recommend that you contact her to ask about rats as pets, because you will be very surprised at how amazing they are. A hammock for a rat is not quite like a hammock for a human. They usually consist of a square of fabric with some form of hook attached to each corner, which can then be suspended inside a cage. When she says that rats like to customise them, she means that they chew holes in them. I would also like to point out to readers that other species appreciate these too, so if you have ferrets, rabbits, cats, mice, hamsters, degus, etc, that you may be able to support her work. She will crochet to order!

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