Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What I really have!

I feel a little guilty posting this really, but the nature of such pictures is that they are sweeping statements, so I'm going with it. (Do feel free to post this to Facebook if you feel it's appropriate). Please do not be offended if you are a friend or family member of someone with M.E. who actually does understand.

M.E. is so frustrating sometimes. At times it feels that absolutely no one believes we're ill. Sometimes I even find myself doubting the existance of the illness myself. Anyone doubting my health condition (especially myself) always proves to be detrimental to my health, as it results in me pushing myself. When I failed the Atos Medical Assessment, for some reason my reaction was to believe that the nurse knew better than I did what I was capable of; I pushed myself extremely hard, crashed and burned even harder.

Possibly, if some of us post this on Facebook, a few people who had previously not really given M.E. much thought will understand that this image is portraying pain and anguish, frustration, and severe illness, and they may just think a little bit more about the fact that we are ill.

We are ill. Please don't doubt it.

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