Thursday, 15 December 2011

Quick apology

Just in case anyone is wondering why my blog is not being updated I thought I should explain that I have not got internet access at home at the moment.

I moved house on November 5th, fully expecting to have internet sorted out within a few days. Yes, I am about to badmouth some big companies. Sorry big companies. If you don't like being badmouthed, then sort your act out!!!!

I signed up to Sky shortly after moving in. They successfully moved the phone line over to me. I awaited my broadband modem, and paper work, but it didn't come. So after a couple of weeks I phoned them. I was told that I needed to provide them with a MAC code. A MAC code is needed if you are closing an account with BT, and want the line to be moved over to Sky; the code tags the BT tag off the line (or something like that). So I set my landlord about getting the MAC code, since it had previously been his line etc.

So, a MAC code is needed when you move YOUR line from one provider to the other ... NOT when your landlord is moving his account to another part of the country, and you are starting up an entirely new account. BT should have removed the tags from the line at the same time as moving my landlords account away from the property. Did they do that? Of course not!

I spelt out in extreme detail to both BT and Sky what being offline would mean to me. I told them I am disabled, and that I have to do my shopping online. Without internet access I do not have food. They nodded and smiled and promised me it'd be sorted out within a week. They lied.

As it stands, BT are telling Sky that I have an account with them, that it is in the name that Sky have for me on their books ... an interesting coincidence, given that Sky spelt my name wrong ... and that I have had the account with BT since November 2006. In order for BT to remove the tags from the line I have to phone them and close my account. However, when I phone them to close the account they will not communicate with me because I do not have the account number, the security details and do not even know the number for the line from which I am phoning them.

So, BT will not take the tag off the line. Sky therefore cannot start my line up for me. And now I have been there nearly two months. My contract is for six months. I've had so many problems with the place that there is no way I am going to stay there after my contract is over. So, unless I can find a service that will do me three or four months of internet I'm just not going to be online for the foreseeable future.


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